Is it Wrong to Masturbate With a Pet in the Room? - VICE - Masturbate with dogs female

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After they're neutered or spayed, many male and female dogs continue to mount and even masturbate because they have learned that the behavior feels good. I have a spayed 3 year old german shepherd who has the humorous/sometimes embarrassing habit of masturbating, with absolutely no shame! I leave her to it.

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By Vill - 13:55 › en_nz › article › gyyaw4 › is-it-wrong-to-masturba.
By Majar - 13:11
Pets are by far the best type of housemate. They don't leave pasta sauce all over the microwave, they love you unconditionally, and they don't.
By Zulkikree - 03:28
When my female dog - my companion - feels “the need” she humps my leg. I've never known her to hump anything else. Her body language and facial.

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